Extra Details Bring Life to Your Layout


Extra Details Bring Life to Your Layout Adding details to your model train layout can extend beyond just weathering and detailing your model train engines and train cars. The world is a lived in place that is often vibrant and yet dirty, empty and yet crowded, all at the same time. When building your layout,…

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Weathering a Diesel Locomotive

WEATHERING A DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE One way for your model train layout to look more realistic is by weathering your models. Weathering gives your models a prototypical, “lived in” look that you do not get with models out of the box. This helps set your model train layout apart from layouts that others have. With this…

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New Monthly Content January 2017: Detailing Bachmann E-Z Track

January 2017 cover

New Monthly Content January 2017: Detailing Bachmann E-Z Track For many beginning modelers, pre-ballasted or “snap” track, such as Bachmann E- Z Track or Kato Unitrack, is the quick and easy choice for ready-to-run track. However, many more experienced modelers find it to have a very “toy-like” look. What if you are a modeler that…

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New Monthly Content November 2016: New Life in Old Train Cars Part 2

november cover

New Monthly Content October 2016: New Life in Old Train Cars Part 2: Weathering Last month, we walked you through the steps to completely overhaul an old train car with new paint, new decals, new trucks, and new couplers. This month, we’ll show you how to go about weathering that same train car (or any…

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Model Train Layout Comes Alive

Model railroaders spend hour after hour making their model train layouts look more realistic. It becomes an obsession… Buildings, locomotives and cars get weathered and then weathered again for that perfect aged look. There are so many different techniques to weather structures and along your model railroading journey you will continue to learn new and…

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The Secrets To Weathering Your Model Trains

Why should you weather your model trains? Whether you are just getting started with model trains, or you have been enjoying this hobby for a long time, there are many different things that you can do to make your model train layout look more realistic. You may have already spent a lot of time making…

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