Five Great Garden Railway Videos

Five Great Garden Railway Videos Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is well under way (at least in most places – I’m currently watching snow fall outside my window as I write this!), and for many folks that means gardening has begun. If you love model trains and gardens, you can combine the two hobbies…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Model Trains

Frequently Asked Questions About Model Trains: The Definitive Guide For Beginners For a new railroad model hobbyist, the foreign terms and expressions that more experienced railroaders throw around might be a little overwhelming. On top of that, it can be hard to find one place that you can rely on for finding accurate answers. That’s…

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Model Train Scales Explained

Model Train Scales Explained The pros and cons of the various model train scales and how to determine which one is right for you. If you’re considering building a model railroad, you may be looking to have model train scales explained. There are a few factors that will play a part in picking the right…

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G-Scale Model Railroad At The Living Desert

The huge G-Scale model train display at The Living Desert is something worth seeing… The model trains became an addition to The Living Desert in 1998. It was supposed to be a display that would only run in the evenings as part of the WildLights, but due to the poularity of the layout it now…

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The World of LGB Model Trains and Beyond

LGB model trains are made in the G-scale, the largest scale of commercially sold model trains. These large trains are made in Germany, and are some of the highest quality trains available for both indoor and outdoor layouts. They can range in detail from simple ‘toy’ designs, simple colors, not as intricate detailing, to the…

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G Scale Model Trains

When model train hobbyists refer to large-scale model trains, part of the scales grouped into the large-scale trains is the G scale.

Its size is considerably larger compared to other types of model trains.

In fact it is the largest of the popular scales that model train hobbyists deal with.

G scale model trains are usually 1:22 to the actual size.

That means that G scale model trains are one twenty-second of the size of the real train prototype.

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