Basic Model Train Wiring

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Basic Model Train Wiring You’ve purchased your starter set, set up the circle or oval of track that came with it, and ran your trains around it many times. Now, you’re starting to think of a more permanent, even if small, layout. You want to add extra track, a small yard or an industry, and…

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Extra Details Bring Life to Your Layout


Extra Details Bring Life to Your Layout Adding details to your model train layout can extend beyond just weathering and detailing your model train engines and train cars. The world is a lived in place that is often vibrant and yet dirty, empty and yet crowded, all at the same time. When building your layout,…

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Weathering a Diesel Locomotive

WEATHERING A DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE One way for your model train layout to look more realistic is by weathering your models. Weathering gives your models a prototypical, “lived in” look that you do not get with models out of the box. This helps set your model train layout apart from layouts that others have. With this…

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Quality Under $200.00: Athearn Genesis, Atlas Master, & Walther’s Mainline

Quality Under $200.00: Athearn Genesis, Atlas Master, & Walther’s Mainline NOTE: This article is specifically about HO scale models. Prices for other scales may vary widely. Many things have changed about model railroading since I first started in the late 1970s. One of the most apparent is the cost. I still have Athearn model engines…

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5 Great Z Scale Model Train Layouts

5 Great Z Scale Model Train Layouts Z scale is one of the smallest scales in model railroading, and the most popular of the scales that are smaller than N scale. It has a growing base among modelers and is becoming popular because a large model railroad layout can be created in a very small…

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5 Simple Trackplans for Beginners


5 Simple Trackplans for Beginners We are all beginners at model trains when we first get started. Many who are becoming model railroaders now will often start with a train set from Bachmann, Kato, Hornsby, Lionel, or one of many others. As the hobby gets into our blood and we want to do more than…

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Prototype Profile: The EMD SD40/SD40-2

3 CN SD40s

Prototype Profile: The EMD SD40/SD40-2 The EMD SD40/SD40-2 is one of the most – if not THE most – recognizable diesel locomotives in North America. Read on for a bit of history, some photos, and some modeling ideas for this month’s Prototype Profile: The EMD SD40/SD40-2. The SD40/SD40-2 is a 3,000 horsepower, six-axle locomotive. The…

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Prototype Profile: Holiday Trains


Prototype Profile: Holiday Trains During the holiday season, a number of railroads in North America, from big Class I lines to small museum railroads, run special trains. They are labeled holiday trains, Christmas trains, Santa trains, Polar Express trains (after the popular children’s book and film), and so on. For many railroads, this is a…

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