G Scale Model Trains

When model train hobbyists refer to large-scale model trains, part of the scales grouped into the large-scale trains is the G scale.

Its size is considerably larger compared to other types of model trains.

In fact it is the largest of the popular scales that model train hobbyists deal with.

G scale model trains are usually 1:22 to the actual size.

That means that G scale model trains are one twenty-second of the size of the real train prototype.

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Building Model Railway Trains And Scenery

Part of the fun of model railroads is being able to build the scenery around them.

Once you are tired of setting up the train set around the Christmas tree and putting it away after Christmas every year, you might be ready to build something more permanent.

The benchwork is the foundation of your railroad.

Train hobbyists have the option of buying an already made benchwork or building one for themselves.

Buying a benchwork kit has several advantages.

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HO Scale Model Trains

The most popular size of the large scale trains is size O.

The scale for O is 1/48th. Meaning it is one 48th the size of a regular sized train. The gauge for O is 1 ¼ inches.

Many of these larger sized trains are used outdoors in gardens. Of course this does not fill the needs of everyone in the train world.

The HO gauge is half the size of the larger O scale.

HO stands for “Half of O”.

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Toy Model Trains, or Are They?

As Thomas the Train enlightened every boy’s fantasy and graced the thoughts of those who have been awed by those fantastic machines, trains offer a powerful addiction to many.

Small boys watch the talking trains from their living rooms do not understand what it is that makes them so wonderful. But as boys grow into men they realize what it is that captured them when they were boys and stayed with them into their adulthood.

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Model Trains – Where Do You Start?

Model trains are a great hobby to get into. Why exactly? Well honestly there’s nothing quite like watching a little train race around your basement for a few hours, and if you set it up right you can even control it. You can build your own little community in your basement with just a few…

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Model Trains – The Greatest Hobby in the World

Model trains have captured hobbyists for a long time.  It is a magnificent way to spend time and to express your artistic talent. There are many aspects of model trains, other then just collecting the locomotives. The model train hobby also includes building scenery as well as learning all the knowledge that goes along with…

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Model Trains For Beginners

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Outstanding Model Railroads

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