Model Train Pictures

Send me a picture of your model trains and I’ll post it here for the world to see! Send it to => modeltrainsforbeginners(at) Attach your photos and include your name, your location and tell us about the picture. Here are some photos that have been sent in to Model Trains For Beginners. Enjoy! Click any…

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What Is Scratchbuilding?

Scratchbuilding is exactly what it says on the tin; building from scratch. True scratchbuilding is done completely using raw materials, from the foundations of your model train layout, to the buildings and detailing you use to decorate your model railway. Rather than using a shop-bought kit, which simply needs assembling, scratchbuilding is the creation of…

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Why Keeping Your Model Train Track Clean is Essential?

Building, maintaining and operating a model railroad is a past time many people enjoy for hours on end. However when the initial excitement of creating your layout and watching your first trains run smoothly round your track is over, the gaps between using your model railway may become longer. Like most things in life, if…

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Model Train News – 101

Hello all Model Train subscribers and welcome to another Model Train Club News. Before I get into the latest news and tips – just a quick reminder that you can subscribe to this newsletter by going here.  Please forward this newsletter to as many people as you like… If you think they will get value…

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What is Kitbashing For Model Trains?

Kitbashing is the Key to that 1 in a 1,000,000 Model Train Layout! Model kits are not always items of beauty. They are also not exactly what a model train enthusiast really wants when they are searching through the aisles and shelves of their local hobby store. In fact, the failure of model kits to…

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What Should You Consider Before Building Your Model Train Bench?

When you first become interested in model trains, it is easy to fall into the trap of rushing to lay down track and skipping the full planning process. As a general rule, it is always best to design your track layout before you start creating the real thing. You will need to plan not only…

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DCC Control vs DC Control For Your Model Trains

What are the advantages of DCC control of your model trains over DC control? When operating a model railway, you want optimum operation and control over your locomotives. The Digital Command Control (DCC) system revolutionizes the way model railways are operated. While previous operational systems have only allowed the user to control separate stretches of…

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N Scale Model Trains

When the model train hobbyists are talking about the scale of the train, they are talking about the size.

Scale is exactly that, a scaled down replica of the life-size or the prototype train.

It is the ratio and the different letters assigned to the scales reflect the natural differences in ratio.

An N scale train is on the smaller side in comparison to other scale models.

In fact, it is the smallest of the four most popular scales.

The ratio is 1:160.

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