Model Train Pictures

model train pictures

Send me a picture of your model trains and I’ll post it here for the world to see!

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Attach your photos and include your name, your location and tell us about the picture. Here are some photos that have been sent in to Model Trains For Beginners.


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Quaint Model Train Town Owner: Bob Fallier
Location: New Hampshire, USA
About: The Royal Morovian Railway is loosely based on an area from Bavaria to the Swiss Alps. Circa 1930-1960 with a mix of steam and electric. Panoramic scenery in a room 34’ x 18’ (11m x 6m), towering mountains, deep gorges, quaint towns and villages.
Freelance European Model Train Layout Owner: Bob Fallier
Location: New Hampshire, USA
About: The Royal Morovian Railway is loosely based on an area from Bavaria to the Swiss Alps. Towering mountains, deep gorges, quaint towns and villages.
Train Pictures - Royal Morovian Model Railway, USA Owner: Bob Fallier
New Hampshire, USA
About: The Royal Morovian Railway is loosely based on an area from Bavaria to the Swiss Alps.
Train Picture of Royal Morovian Model Railway, USA. Owner: Bob Fallier
New Hampshire, USA
About: The Royal Morovian Railway is loosely based on an area from Bavaria to the Swiss Alps. Circa 1930-1960 (Era III-IV) with a mix of steam and electric. Panoramic scenery in a room 34’ x 18’ (11m x 6m), towering mountains, deep gorges, quaint towns and villages.
Model railroad in progress - 4x8 and Lionel 027 guage Owner: Eric
Location: tba
About: This is a photo of my layout (pre-board). It’s taken me a while to come up with a preferred layout as I am limited by space… 4×8 and Lionel 027 guage. I have my MDF 4×8, the felt to put on it and the contact cement.
The Wickom and Tappan Model Railroad Owner: Ernie Miller
Location: tba
About: 6 diesel engines, 8 steam engines, 1 electric, 8 passenger cars, 50 freight cars, 70 buildings, 23 turnouts, 20 cars & trucks, 26 trees, 250 people, 18 telephone poles, 6 water storage tanks, 8 oil storage tanks, 25 street lights, 20 dead end storage sidings.
The Wickom and Tappan Model Railroad Owner: Ernie Miller
Location: tba
About: As you can see this model railroad keeps me off the streets and it’s a lot of fun.
The Wickom and Tappan Model Railroad Owner: Ernie Miller
Location: tba
About: As you can see this model railroad keeps me off the streets and it’s a lot of fun.
Model train bridge under construction Owner: Alex Kanarek
Location: Canada
About: Work in Progress. 2 bridges – one a commercial kit, the other made from tongue depressors.
Model railroad tunnels under construction Owner: Alex Kanarek
Location: Canada
About: Work in Progress. Hills built with fine-gauge chicken wire on wood, covered with paper mache. It will be finished with plaster of paris where more rock detail is required.
model railroad landscape in progress Owner: Alex Kanarek
Location: Canada
About: Work in Progress. Hills with 2 tunnels, 2 bridges and a mine. HO scale on 14ft x 8ft table.
Model Train Station Owner: Philip
Location: tba
About: Model Train Station
Model Train Car Owner: Philip
Location: tba
About: Model Train freight cars
Model Train Flat Car Weathered Owner: Peter Coburn
Location: Victoria, Australia
About: Scale: On30 Website:
Model Train Layout in Loft Owner: David Howarth
Location: Bridlington, England
About: My Loft Model Railway. OO scale and started just 2 years ago after visiting a model rail show. It is dcc and most loco`s now with sound.
Model Railroad Water Scene Owner: Mr Jan Nielsen
Location: Denmark
About: I have a trainhouse for my CSX system. Everyone can learn from others experience (the sum of all mishaps)
Model Trains (Jan Nielson - Denmark) Owner: Mr Jan Nielsen
Location: Denmark
About: I have a trainhouse for my CSX system. Everyone can learn from others experience (the sum of all mishaps)
Model Train Layout - Mountainous Scenery Owner: Mr Jan Nielsen
Location: Denmark
About: I have a trainhouse for my CSX system. Everyone can learn from others experience (the sum of all mishaps)

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Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan fell in love with model trains at the age of six when he visited an NMRA Convention in Seattle with his father. Forty two years later, his passion remains just as strong. After achieving a successful career in architecture, Dan’s particular interest is within layouts and buildings. With a wealth of knowledge on the subject, Dan loves nothing more than sharing this with others and is delighted in the forum of members who are brought together over the hobby they have in common. Dan lives with his wife Helen in Washington. As a professional painter, Helen has learnt through Dan about Model Trains and they now enjoy working on projects together. The only member of the family who isn’t allowed to join in is their over-enthusiastic Labrador called William who has been strictly banned from the workshop! You can find Dan on Google here!

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  1. Larry Gasaway
    7 years ago

    I want more information on Alex Kanarek’s layout.Look’s like the kind I want to build.

  2. Skip Mattie
    7 years ago

    Hi, I am really interested in seeing more of Phillip, TBA, layout. The pics I see are so life like and detailed. I am a beginner with trains but no layout yet. I would like to see a larger view of this layout. Thanks Skip

  3. Larry Gasaway
    7 years ago

    Me to.I hope to start a layout soon. And it looks like the kind I want.I would like to see his track plans!

  4. Richard
    7 years ago

    For a beginner, I am probably looking at something way over my head. However, Mr. Jan Nielsen’s layout is terrific.
    I would like to see his layout plans and the materials that he used to build such a beautiful and realistic site.

  5. Alex Kanarek
    7 years ago

    For Larry Gasaway,

    Are you still interested in knowing more about my layout? If so, let me know and i can send you more information.

  6. Richard
    7 years ago

    Do any of the Model Railroaders that posted such great and beautiful pictures have e-mail addresses that they could be contacted directly? I guess I should first ask if it is allowed to contact them?

    The pictures show such great and interesting layouts it would be hard to decide which one I would like to imitate to some degree. I would incorporate my own ideas into a layout so I would not have an exact duplicate of their hard work and ideas.

  7. Dan Morgan
    7 years ago

    Hi Richard

    Just post your question here and the owners will respond. We don’t give out their email addresses for privacy reasons.


  8. Larry Gasaway
    7 years ago

    Still want to see Alex Kanarek’s track plans !

  9. Merlin
    7 years ago

    Enough of the yankees – – – surely there are some great layouts of Southern Systems – – – Central of Georgia, Seaboard Airline, RF&P, etc, etc, etc

    Although, a great model layout is a great model layout and much appreciate your sharing the photos.
    Thank you! Hope to see more.

  10. jon
    7 years ago

    Jan Nielsen has done a great job with his scenic backdrop. Looks like he’s a pro with paints.

  11. Dakotah
    7 years ago

    I love how Philip made his pictures look so real. That layout is a total inspiration.

  12. Grant
    7 years ago

    Great photos. Gives me some ideas what I want to do with mine. Have not started yet. Getting information re: couplers, DC vs DCC, HO or N, etc.
    Thanks for the tips,

  13. Joe Oetjen
    7 years ago

    Wow – those layouts are very impressive! The time spent and the detail on them is truly amazing.

    I do like Eric’s layout as he seems to be like me – cram as much as you can in the space provided. I do not have the room so my Lionel trains are on the living room floor, encircling the entire room, going behind or under furniture where possible.

    I still manage to find ways to change sections here and there to always try to keep it fresh. Great modeling guys, fantastic.

  14. Daniel
    7 years ago

    not yet.

  15. Jim Nerwbigin
    7 years ago

    Seeing some stunning sites I am embarrsed to send you my outlay, until I am able to show my friends something that they may think is worthwhile.
    I am delighted that our friends have given us beginners the chance to try to be better.
    Still trying.
    Jim (NZ)

  16. kevin
    7 years ago

    Love the bridges on Alex’s layout, and the Mountain! I would use the bucket of trees effect to cover your mountains! I think it is the easiest way to cover a mountain with trees and it gives it a great realistic canopy effect.

  17. david
    7 years ago


  18. Harry E.
    7 years ago

    Just a quick over view of the COAL BELT & Subsidiary Systems: aka Coal Belt Lines (CBL) and a bit of back ground on the layout. The layout, if you are wondering is over 26 years old this past Memorial Day weekend. The CBL operates in the antracite region of central Pennsylvania and the anthracite fields. The era I am working with is around 1985. The CBL is the successor to the Reading RR and Lehigh Valley in this region, just west of Hazelton and White Haven.

    The model railroad I am emulating is the current day Reading and Northern based out of the former Reading Division point of Port Clinton, Pa. The CBL operates from Allentown, Pa. to Wilkes-Barra, Pa. with through trains over CNJ trackage east to Elizabeth Port, NJ.

    The CBL and layout is not all about long black trains and diesels fighting the grades from Allentown to Hazelton and back, there are seven towns which the CBL services on a schedule. The second major town of South Palmerton, which is also the sub-division point, has several industry among them the Farmers Co-Op & Market which receives bulk covered hoppers, boxcars, and refeers of produce. The second is Porterville and the coal mines the PN services between Porterville and Hogan’s Creek.

    On the prime movers end, the CBL has a healthy roster of EMD, GE, and Alco units. The CBL’s roster represents a cross section of the eastern roads at that time: Reading, Lehigh Valley, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Penn-Central, with third-hand hand-me-down units from Southern Pacific, ATSF, and Burlington Northern and Denver & Rio Grande Western..

    The roster looks something like this: SD40’s SD40-2’s SD40T-2’s SD35’s SD50’s F45’s, SD45’s; SD45-2, SD50’s; GE U28C’s. A healthy roster of six-axle monsters, not to mention the Alco side of the house with RS4’s assigned to the Porterville Northern. The road switchers is much larger but more narrowly represented more by EMD than the other two builders.

    Considering the time period of the late 70’s in to the 80’s: I put together a set of commuter trains based pretty much on the New Jersey Transit system. I literally kit bashed a CNJ GP7P engine and a F40PH with push-pull cab control coaches and two Budd railcars joined the roster making up the: Northeast Transit Authority (NETA).

    That pretty much puts the CBL in to some perspective (I hope). Questions? Don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Pictures: I have hundreds.

    Take care and hope to hear from you all soon


  19. russell
    7 years ago

    Hi, I have a question, when making hills, what type of styro foam you use?

    And do you use white and how do and what you use to form them?

    Thank you

  20. Jolly Jim
    7 years ago

    No comment…yet…but will, with photos, yet…of an N-scale that circles a stone makeup – that features a water wheel, with H20! My Wife, bless her heart, contributed a pink embroidery circle! Soon!

  21. nick gasaway
    7 years ago


  22. Larry Gasaway
    6 years ago

    Yes i am still want to see the track plans. I am in Ar.

  23. Pops
    6 years ago

    Thanks for adding this resource.
    Love to see pix of works in progress. Great way to get new ideas or confirm current ideas. Also, what other beginners are doing is a great inspiration.

  24. Dave
    6 years ago

    In the late 70s while in the Marines, I started a club of modular railroaders. Everyone build one module or more then one and when we met we we plugged them all together. We used alot of coarse styrofoam from packing material, rubber cement and bark mulch for rock formations. It was fun while it lasted. until I left the Marines, and lost contact with the club members.
    P.S. Depending how the bark was faced, when painted and weathered or just sun dried it appeared to be sedimentary(Grain facing) or ignious rock (against grain).

  25. david
    6 years ago

    what a lot of good photos,it put my layout to shame,seeing those pictures make me want to try harder,

  26. DaveM66
    6 years ago

    As a newbie, I am blown away with the detail and the patience it must have taken to build these grand pieces of art. I am in the process of installing new windows in the now designated “Train Room” That should be completed around March10th. The question I have concerns the background detail. The background will cover 2 walls. One is 54″in H X 17 ft. L and the other is 54″in H X 10.4ft L. I am looking for some ideas on how to cover this area. Each wall has a window, too.

    By the way, my father use to say “If you want Patience go to the Hospital. You will find plenty there”.

    You can send your suggestions to

  27. Lawrence
    6 years ago

    Bob Fallier’s layout is endlessly interesting! Would like to see more of it.

  28. Ken from Canada
    6 years ago

    I find these pictures very interesting as I am hoping to build a layout soon. There are lots I interesting ideas. I would like to find out what materials are used to build a layout. At present I have two steam locos and four diesels and some rolling stock.

  29. John
    6 years ago

    I put a $200 digital camera on a depressed flatcar… HO scale. Filming the route from different locations of the train, in front of the locomotives, behind the locomotives, and just ahead of the caboose, the last car on the train… all angles facing forward.
    I uploaded videos to YouTube… put “Zebrails” in the search box.
    With an exception of one “N-Scale” video, the HO layout is/was 12 foot by 36 foot… and at a moderate and safe speed, it takes well over a minute to make a full lap… about 100 foot.

    Mind you, I also have other videos of real trains, Canadian Pacific Railway, going through the town I live in.
    I once belonged to a “Garden Railway” and put the same camera in a G-Scale Gondola.

    Happy railroading!

  30. kev baz
    6 years ago

    it would be great if there was photos of these layouts being built. showing the work and time it as taken to build these great layouts

  31. Eric Bradley
    6 years ago

    Oct. 20, 2011
    Hi Dan,
    I was just looking at the first picture that I sent you and golly, it’s so out of date that I had to write a few words and send an updated Pic(s). My original picture is #5 on your list. I had some ideas at this point and not all of my switches installed, but that was all. This is a reasonable before and after situation to show your client-fans.
    Now I have my self constructed 4×8 layout consisting of 2×3 lumber, all screwed together, with a 1″ mdf top covered with felt. I have some scenes underway: 2 park areas, a station, and a mountain-tunnel under construction. It will have a waterfall and a dam with piping to take the water away under the tracks to a duck-pond cross-layout and under the bridge. I am planning a couple of roads and some of the grass areas now have their white stencils in place. I have six remote operating (on track power) turnout switches, and one manual for the siding. I have three wiring blocks set up on toggle control. 1-Main is the outside and figure-8, 2-Station is the middle track and 3-Siding is the siding. I have a 48-terminal wiring panel under the table to which all track and switch elements terminate and get cross-connected to the transformer – track and accessory power and the switches to control it all. Also as a note: I changed the two remote uncouplers to run on accessory power as does the barrel hut, coke tower and gateman. The gateman is triggered by an IR device (which also runs on accessory power) when the train passes. Using accessory power doesn’t slow the train when these devices are activated.
    I will be adding more rocks and shrubs and trees to the mountain and the waterfall over the winter. My artist niece said she would do the paint colours on the mountain for me as I am not a very good artist. I will write again when the mountain is done.
    Oh, and I wanted to say that I enjoy reading the blogs and looking at the great layout pictures. Thanks for making this happen. I think it really helps the hobby as most people although have interest, it is usually to awkward to get to shows etc whereby, we are here at your forum by just being at our computers.
    Best Regards for now,
    Halifax, NS Canada
    PS- I will email the couple of new PICs and another copy of these words. E.

  32. Rod
    6 years ago

    I really like your website and all the info. I am getting back into model railroading. I had to retire due to Health problems and now on Disability. I can not afford alot so it is taking a long time to get up and running again. When I can, I will send you pictures. Thanks for sharing youe tips.


  33. anto
    5 years ago

    nice photos

  34. ralph
    5 years ago

    Hi Dan
    thanx 4 news letters, No pictures as i’m just making some base boards

  35. Tom
    5 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for this web page to give us the opportunity to share what we are doing. I am not new to model railroading … but: I have not done anything for 30 + years. I have a G scale but I am not going to really do anything with it. I have an American Flyer circa 1939 I put it around the Christmas Tree.

    I am now preparing to build an N scale 3′ X 6′ model railroad … planning is done … getting ready to build. Will give you photos as things progress. I am looking forward to this project. Trains have always been a part of my life …. from a little boy to today. I had other American Flyer Trains and some HO scale no longer own them.

    Model railroading is a great hobby … once you are hooked … there is no way out.
    Thanks to all that have participated so far …. you have a great start to a great layout.

    Keep on training,


  36. Albert Weir
    5 years ago

    Hi Dan
    thanks for the reply .With all the help i have just about completed the track for my layout its been fun but sometimes a nightmare as soon as i get the track finished i will photograph it and send it to you i would very much welcome any suggestions for improvement
    the photos so far ive seen are ammasing i doubt if mine will be a s nice as those
    Albert ( a very amatur beginner)

  37. Wayne Sund
    4 years ago

    Hi! I agree with Larry’s comment, love to see and learn more about Alex’s layout. It is almost exactly what I have planned for mine ( in my head, and on the way, when I find time). Only have pics of bare layout, at this stage, but will forward some as I progress.Regards

  38. larry Stewart
    3 years ago

    i take phots of Trains in Tacoma Wa.

  39. Stephen Nielson
    3 years ago

    Wow. Thanks for the great preview pics. What an inspiration to start work on a layout. I had one about, oh, well, say forty years or so ago, but that house was sold and now I’m retired. When did all that happen; where was I?!

    So I got out my nicely boxed sets, set up a small trial track, and they all worked and look great! I was amazed that I could take the engines out of storage, stick them on the track, and they ran. I need to figure out what maintenance they need, and how to, of course, but I’m really having fun, and following your work is most helpful and entertaining. Thanks for all your work.


    Steve Nielson