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Hello all Model Train subscribers and welcome to another Model Train Club News.

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Club Conversations

the model train club

It is absolutely awesome to see all the wonderful model railroaders that provide valuable advice at The Model Train Forum

Thank you to all of you wonderful people helping to make this the greatest hobby.

There is so much to learn from reading the conversations in the forum. Like this conversation by “bills72sj”

What I need help with is suggestions for my inner loop/switchyard. I would like to do a turntable but I doubt I’ll have the room. By the way, it needs to be able to be set on edge as my house is not big enough for a permanent layout.

You can see the great answers and suggestions by going to The Model Train Forum

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Reader Story

We receive many great reader stories which will inspire you in your own model railroading.

Take Brian and Ann who have been model railroading for over 25 years, have built 9 layouts that they travel around and show. And they live in a small house…

>> Click here to read their story and view their photos .

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We Value Your Feedback

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback we would love to hear them.

Your feedback is what makes this community such a great place…

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Until next time…

Happy model railroading!


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Model Trains For Beginners

Model Trains For Beginners

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Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan fell in love with model trains at the age of six when he visited an NMRA Convention in Seattle with his father. Forty two years later, his passion remains just as strong. After achieving a successful career in architecture, Dan’s particular interest is within layouts and buildings. With a wealth of knowledge on the subject, Dan loves nothing more than sharing this with others and is delighted in the forum of members who are brought together over the hobby they have in common. Dan lives with his wife Helen in Washington. As a professional painter, Helen has learnt through Dan about Model Trains and they now enjoy working on projects together. The only member of the family who isn’t allowed to join in is their over-enthusiastic Labrador called William who has been strictly banned from the workshop! You can find Dan on Google here!

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Leave A Reply (8 comments So Far)

  1. william
    7 years ago

    how can you get a lionel train steam locomotive big boy cheep. <wheels 2-8-8-4

  2. william
    7 years ago

    does anyone here likes lionel train 027 gauge track

  3. Ken
    6 years ago

    I have been looking for a long time for a book or info how to wire a layout. NOT the track but the lighting to buildings and flood lights. I have check the net and my hobby shop with no luck.Can anyone help out here. Thanks for your time.

  4. Dan Morgan
    6 years ago

    Hi Ken,

    If you ask in the forum, somebody will help you out. Just go to

    You will need to register (free) and then post your question. There are over 1,400 members, so someone will be able to help.


  5. chris
    6 years ago

    CIR-KIT has a book on wiring dollhouses I GREATLY simplified to wire my S scale buildings. The biggest problem was finding a power source for 100 bulbs. I run four wires to each house. Two connect to red and two to black. Underneath one red goes to the previous house. One red is reserved for the next house. One black goes to the previous house one to the next. The CIR-KIT CK 1009D 40 watt tabletop transformer will power 64 12 volt lights or 100 16 volt GOW bulbs woth 4,000 milliamps. I’d enjoy discussing this with you as I have yet to find a way to dim these lights or turn individual lights on and off. or FaceBook – friend Chris Myers (beard and cowboy hat) I am one of 3 Chris Myers’ on FaceBook.

  6. Dick
    4 years ago

    Hi! Dan: I’m a old H.O..r and was very active 24 yr.s ago and took a 23 yr break in the hobby…this winter I rediscovered the hobby again…and am learning thing’s that weren’t around when I was active…for instance I’ve just discovered the air-brush which has opened up a bunch of new thing’s….any way I like your page here… thank;s Dick

  7. Frank Seelig
    11 months ago

    Did you receive my story about model trains, which I sent you not long ago?



  8. Dan Morgan
    11 months ago

    We did indeed, Frank. It is in our inbox.

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