How To Create Model Train Scenery Quickly And Easily

You can never get enough model train scenery tips…

In this video Cody Grivno (Model Railroader Associate Editor) shows you how to create model train scenery quickly and easily. This wet scenery technique will create a landscape that will look sensational on any model train layout… and the technique will apply to any scale of model railroad.

Cody uses basic materials that can be bought online (delivered to your door) or from any good hobby shop. The list is provided below the video.

Click the video to play and turn up your speakers…

YouTube Preview Image

Items used in this video:

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Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan fell in love with model trains at the age of six when he visited an NMRA Convention in Seattle with his father. Forty two years later, his passion remains just as strong. After achieving a successful career in architecture, Dan’s particular interest is within layouts and buildings. With a wealth of knowledge on the subject, Dan loves nothing more than sharing this with others and is delighted in the forum of members who are brought together over the hobby they have in common. Dan lives with his wife Helen in Washington. As a professional painter, Helen has learnt through Dan about Model Trains and they now enjoy working on projects together. The only member of the family who isn’t allowed to join in is their over-enthusiastic Labrador called William who has been strictly banned from the workshop! You can find Dan on Google here!

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  1. Isidoro
    5 years ago

    Nice Video.

  2. Herman Miskelly
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the information. Very simple and with easy to understand instructions.

  3. Jim Hohn
    5 years ago

    I was wondering what Cody used for a base. It looked like some kind of material he had cut to size. Thanx

  4. bill wheeler
    5 years ago

    It looks fairly simple.can’t wait to try it.thanks bill

  5. selwyn
    5 years ago

    this works great ..tried it on our layout and boy it looks great

  6. Skip
    5 years ago


    After spinning my wheels, for too long a time, Cody Grivno’s video, on scenery, may have given me some traction. I’m hoping his methods are as easy as they look, and as light-weight as they seem. While looking at the many videos has been enjoyable, NOW I am ready to get down to the real nitty-gritty of creating my long-delayed layout. Thanks, a bunch!!!!!


    Skip Markowski
    Dundalk, Maryland, U.S.A.

  7. Paul Stala
    5 years ago

    very good info and made it look so easy cant wait to do mine but have to finish other projects first. thanks.

  8. Craige Keen
    5 years ago

    Hi Cody, your presentation was very good as always but I am left with some disappointment when you applied static grass without the static charge that makes them stand up. I hope you will demonstrate a static grass application using a monster static grass charger that would be grounded with a nail or screw underneath the layout that would require rubber boots and gloves to operate. No, not a good idea? I really would like to build a static grass charger that would do a larger area using multiple grounds under the layout or diorama.

  9. chris cornell
    5 years ago

    Styrofoam packing blocks can be had for free and the interesting shapes can inspire one to build mountains and structures that would not otherwise come to mind.

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