5 Great Model Railroad Videos

5 Great Model Railroad Videos

Sometimes, all it takes to inspire us to be creative is seeing someone else’s amazing work. For me, watching model train (and prototype train) videos on YouTube is one of my biggest inspirations. I’ll see something and think, “I need to model that,” or “That’s a great idea, I think I’ll copy it!”  So, to provide you with some inspiration for your own, here’s 5 great model railroad videos that I’ve culled from YouTube. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and they inspire you the way they did me.

NOTE: Videos presented in no particular order and the order presented is not meant to be a ranking.

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Model Train Operations Session with ATSF, D&RGW, BN, & SP trains by Scale Model Trains & Colorado’s Joint Line
This is a ¾ hour long video, but well worth it. It features realistic operations of Santa Fe and Southern Pacific trains, with Rio Grande and Burlington Northern power and trains as well, over the Denver to Palmer Lake section of the famous Colorado Joint Line. The layout in this video is still a work in progress (aren’t they always?), but check out some of their other videos to see updates and progress on the layout itself. For me, the amazingly realistic operating session is what inspires me the most.

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Glen Rosenbaum’s O gauge layout | Classic Toy Trains magazine by Classic Toy Trains
This ¼ hour video featuring Glen Rosenbaum’s fantastic Houston, Wharton & Pecos O gauge layout. This video features some beautiful trains operating on a stunningly detailed layout. This proto-freelance layout features trains from primarily the 1940s – 1960s, with some more modern stuff sprinkled in.

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Oldest and largest 0 Scale Model Train Layout in Europe by Pilentum
A ½ hour video of another stunningly gorgeous O scale layout. This one is billed as the oldest and largest model train layout in Germany and in all of Europe. The notes say that the layout was built between 1928 and 1960, updated to DCC in 2008. All of the buildings are scratch built.

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Largest model railway of Russia – Russia in miniature by RT Documentary
Another ½ hour video, this one examining the largest model railway in Russia, the Grand Model Russia. This layout is a public exhibit, with numerous employees operating the trains and building, maintaining, and repairing the layout. It’s an absolutely beautiful example of model railroading.

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N Scale layout with lot of action by Eggerfilm 2010
A beautiful N scale layout with lots of gorgeous scenery and a number of trains in action. The video maker describes this as his first N scale layout, and it’s a marvelous job at that. Sometimes I wish I had chosen N scale over HO because of space issues, and this video just adds to that!

So there you go, 5 great model railroad videos. Sit back for the next 2 hours or so and enjoy them. Let them inspire you to be creative as you build your own model railroad, of any scale. Remember, you can take inspiration from O scale even if you are modeling in HO or N, and vice versa.

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Robert Thomson

Robert W. Thomson is a life-long railfan, the son of a former L&N Railroad B&B gang foreman, and an amateur photographer. He was born and raised in southeast Tennessee but now lives in Butte, Montana with his wife, Connie and cat, Charlie. Robert has worked as a park ranger, underground mine tour guide, freelance roleplaying game writer, and ran his own roleplaying game publishing company until selling it in 2012.

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  1. R.L. Rowand
    4 weeks ago

    Some information is help full I still need on how to use Fast tract lay out on a $ X 8 Foot board .
    I’m trying to get started as well as how.
    The Videos are a great help to understand but fast track Lionel 027 gage is what im working with
    I will keep looking . Thanks

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