The Greenberg Train Show


3 Responses to “The Greenberg Train Show”
  1. James Woods UK says:

    I will have to visit greenberg show soon
    Awesome – kkep up the good work

  2. Kenny says:

    This is a very serious and truthful comment about the Shows that go to city and city. First we all know that the vendors who sell the trains have to pay for the tables to sell their products. And ofcourse you have to charge an admission charge. Sure that is OK. That is something that we all know. But listen and listen very carefully. The prices these vendors are asking for Trains and Parts are Exorbitant. The average train enthusiast can not afford these prices. You can go to any one of these shows at any city and you will see people look at these trains and look at those price tags and just smile and walk away. Put it this way the trains are way over priced. That is the honest to god truth.

  3. Kevin Bartlett says:

    I have been to the Wilmington MA show 5 times in the last few years and yes, some of the prices are rather steep. However there are some finds that are worth getting. Both in quality and price. The really high price stuff I look at and keep walking. I have seen old Post War Lionel locomotives that I got from Ebay for $30 – $50 going for $200. I say thanks, but no thanks and continue on my way. The moral of the story is ” I don’t HAVE to buy it if I don’t like the price. If the dealer does not want to do any price adjusting then I don’t buy. I know for a fact that Lionel made more than one of any given item and I will probably find another at a better price at another time or place.
    That’s my Soapbox speech for the day.