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Quaint Model Train Town
# 001by Bob Fallier
Freelance European Model Train Layout
# 002by Bob Fallier
 Train Pictures - Royal Morovian Model Railway, USA
# 003by Bob Fallier
Train Picture of Royal Morovian Model Railway, USA.
# 004by Bob Fallier
Model railroad in progress - 4x8 and Lionel 027 guage

# 005by Eric

The Wickom and Tappan Model Railroad
# 006by Ernie Miller
 The Wickom and Tappan Model Railroad
# 007by Ernie Miller
The Wickom and Tappan Model Railroad
# 008by Ernie Miller
Model train bridge under construction

# 009by Alex Kanarek

Model railroad tunnels under construction
# 010by Alex Kanarek
model railroad landscape in progress
# 011by Alex Kanarek
Model Train Station
# 012by Philip
Model Train Car

# 013by Philip

Model Train Flat Car Weathered
# 014by Peter Coburn
Model Train Layout in Loft

# 015by David Howarth

Model Railroad Water Scene
# 016by Mr. Jan Nielsen
Model Trains, Town and Mountain Background
# 017by Mr. Jan Nielsen
Model Train Layout - Mountainous Scenery
# 018by Mr. Jan Nielsen
Model Train Station and Buildings, N-scale
# 019by Tommy Feagins
Model Train Collection, Parked
# 020by John Howard
Overview of a small town-themed Model Train Layout
# 021by Helen and Bradley Nygaard
Track bend of a Mountainous Model Railroad
# 022by Helen and Bradley Nygaard
Construction of a small town themed Model Railroad
# 023by Helen and Bradley Nygaard
Military Base Model Train Layout
# 024by Geoffrey
Truck Station on a Model Railroad
# 025by Geoffrey
Model Train Parking Station
# 026by Geoffrey
A Compact and Out-of-the-Way Model Railroad Design
# 027by Peter Lorton
City Section of a Very Verticle Model Railroad
# 028by Tim Purcell
Construction of a Model Railroad Building, Scratch Built
# 029by Tim Purcell
Half Constructed, DJH Kit of a NSWG60 Class Garett Model Train
# 030by Jim More
DJH Kit of a SAR GMAM Class Garett Model Train
# 031by Jim More
"Bob the Builder's Garden", an N-scale Model Railroad
# 032by Tom Robertson
A Large  HO Scale Model Train Collection
# 033by Bruce
A Large Model Railroad Collection and Dedicated Room
# 034by Edward Stauffer
Model Railroad Section, Backdrop, Trees and Lake
# 035by Edward Stauffer
Work in Progress of a Scaled Town with Railroad
# 036by Bob Morrow
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23 Responses to “Model Train Layout Pictures”
  1. Danny A says:

    Dan, these pictures are really great.

    I got so many idea’s for my first time layout. I know it will not happen over night and that is why I’m doing it one section at a time.

    It is nice to see other model railroads ideas. Some day I hope to send you my layout on film.

    Thank you !

  2. Lennon says:

    Wow they are great the details of the layout is super too

  3. Nancy says:

    Would like to send you a couple of pictures of my latest train layout but do not know how to send them over the internet. Do you have an address where I can send them?

    • Dan says:

      Yes Nancy, just send them to admin(at)

      Replace the (at) with @

      I look forward to seeing them.


  4. Steve says:

    Nice lay outs, I have an Lionel A.T.S.F. 4-6-4 Tender # 8900 from the Famous American Railroad Series, Lionel sold this Hudson Locomotive in 1979.

    My father bought this locomotive and give it to me in 2003. I have ran my A.T.S.F. in an 0-54 circle at Christmas time every year until the sound started to fade.

    The Locomotive would run but very little sound. Lionel sent me a new sound board to install in the tender but having trouble installing it, I don’t know where the wires all go?

    But I cant wait to get it all together. The pictures of the other railroaders give me the boost to get going.

    Last year I bought an Pennsylvania Mikado Steam Set, 282 cab#9639 and it has TMC, so I have to add some more goods to my set.

    Thank you , Steve

  5. ROBBIE HEENDERSON( wee geordie rail road} says:

    well dan i think that the pictures are grate and i enjoyed looking at them

  6. Nick says:

    Anything to do with the model RR hobby or to improve it, are welcome always. Have a great day fellow model rr’s!

  7. tommy tinney says:

    those are some real nice layouts,hope to send mine some day

  8. Nancy says:

    By an address I ment the “old fashioned kind” as in “snail mail” I do not know how to send them over the internet.

  9. bill peters says:

    dan great pix but not enough time to read the story.if your man could fix it so you have to click on the pix to change it i think it would be better thank you

  10. chuck says:

    Great pictures! It”s nice to see so many people having so much fun. Keep it up!

  11. barry golden says:

    dan these pictures r awsome

  12. faizal says:

    you know the amount of time you guys have spent on these works of art….i can only say wow

  13. Jim Storer says:

    In the photo gallery page, there are two photos sent in by a person with the name of JIM STORER, who is this person and where does he live,
    I have the same name but live in New Hampshire.

  14. Kevin says:

    Dear Peter 027.Love the layout and building of Chelmsford Station.If you go to GWModelling website i have scratch built Chelmsford in Gauge O 143.5.All the best Kevin.L.P.Atkinson K&L MODEL RAILWAYS.

  15. Ron Provance says:

    Just want to make a short comment regarding the various pictures I’ve viewed, outstanding! There is just so much creativity that I see I’ve just got to say it looks like most if not all should be commended for work well done. Also, good luck moving forward in work not yet completed to each and everyone. I feel this web site is going to be a very big help with ideas to many of us. Thanks!!!

  16. Jim More says:

    HI, The name Jim Storer is wrong, It should read Jim More. I live in New Zealand. Like all the photos. Will have some more soon of NZR locos in Sn3.5.
    Jim More

  17. Robert says:

    These are very good pictures, representing a lot of didicated work.

    PS Please do not print my real name with comments, please use my user name, thank you.

  18. R K SCOTT says:

    These pictures are really great able to get many good ideas for scenics – even in Z scale!

  19. Conor says:

    These Are AWESOME. I have a collection from a 1970s gg1 To an atlas gp38.

  20. Stewart says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Keep up the good work.

  21. bob more says:

    to jim more it is many tears since i last road on the old ‘Rattler’ from Aukland to Palmerston northan experience never to be forgotten!P.S. I wonder if we are related? bob more..

  22. AL says:

    Thank you Norm for putting all of these great pictures on the computer. Keep it up. AL