New Monthly Content October 2016: New Life in Old Train Cars Part 1

October Monthly Content

New Monthly Content October 2016: New Life in Old Train Cars Part 1: Repainting, New Decals, & New Trucks and Couplers

October coverIf you are like hundreds of other model railroaders, you probably still have a number of decades old train cars in boxes or on shelves. You may not have even used any of them in decades except possibly for parts for other projects. And even if you don’t have a box of old cars, this project will work for any beginner project. Maybe you’re on a budget and want to turn inexpensive train cars into something better, or maybe you just want to repaint an existing model you already have.

In New Life in Old Train Cars Part 1: Repainting, New Decals, & New Trucks and Couplers, you will go through the steps of stripping the old paint, repainting the car, adding new decals, and adding new trucks and knuckle couplers. All told, including drying time for paint, this project will take about 3-4 days to complete.

The project starts off with an old covered hopper with Kellogg’s branding, which was made by Tyco in the mid-1970s. When the project was completed, the car had gone from the very toy-like Kellogg’s branded train car to a modern-looking model train car, custom decaled and lettered for the authors freelanced Atlanta, Memphis & Western Railroad.

By following these steps and suggestions, you should be able to take any type of old train car, of any scale, and give them a fresh, modern, and custom look!  Though you may be working with an old Mantua, Tyco, or Hornby model, the basic process will be similar to the project described above. In a next month’s report, we’ll learn how to do light weathering using the same train car.

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Robert Thomson

Robert W. Thomson is a life-long railfan, the son of a former L&N Railroad B&B gang foreman, and an amateur photographer. He was born and raised in southeast Tennessee but now lives in Butte, Montana with his wife, Connie and cat, Charlie. Robert has worked as a park ranger, underground mine tour guide, freelance roleplaying game writer, and ran his own roleplaying game publishing company until selling it in 2012.

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